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M The information security business of Musk Information Security Consultant team developed in 2016, providing information security consulting services, information security technical services and information security activities management services.”Public sector” such as the Examination Institute, National Development Council, National Health Insurance Administration, Bureau of Industry, Water Resources Administration, Nuclear Research Institute, Taipei City Government, Information Policy Council, etc.; “Educational system” includes top universities, subordinate museums, foundations, etc.; ” “Medical fields” such as central agencies, local government health bureaus, medical centers, regional hospitals, etc.; “new industries” such as KKDAY, whoscall, etc., and “traditional manufacturing industries”.

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The members of Musk Information Security Consultant have professional capabilities in the fields of information security, verification of personal information management or construction services. The professional technical service team takes providing the best service quality to customers as the priority goal. At the same time, the international standard certification experience and process, combined with years of information security maintenance and management capabilities, are implemented in daily operation services.

Information Security Consulting Service

Evaluate security and personal information privacy for the client's overall information system, design standard procedures that comply with information security laws, and provide effective and continuous management and maintenance.

Information Security Technical Services

Use professional technology to provide customers with various information security services, help identify their system vulnerabilities and potential risks, strengthen information security defense, and reduce information security risks.

Information security activities

With long-term experience in large-scale events, comprehensive service content and reputation for value and value, so that each event process management has both face.
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