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L Landing Koinflation introduces a course referral rewards program, providing credit rewards for referrals who use a unique referral code to purchase a course. Referrals receive a discounted price, and benefits are gained from the purchase. This unique education system promotes ongoing learning, allowing participants to stake NFT courses for profit sharing and opening a direct opportunity for all participants.

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How it Works

Landing Koinflation presents a course referral rewards initiative, granting credit rewards to those who refer others using a distinct referral code for course purchases. Referred individuals enjoy a reduced price, and gains stem from these transactions. This cutting-edge educational strategy nurtures continuous learning, empowering participants to invest in NFT courses for shared profits, thus creating a straightforward chance for all involved parties. Courses provided are as follows:

Beginner’s Courses

We will provide the knowledge needed to enter the market. We will teach beginners how to participate and use the correct knowledge to understand and analyze the blockchain market.

Advance Courses

We will provide more professional knowledge, allowing students to explore deeper applications and potential possibilities. This will help students find their future development direction.

Foundational Courses

This is mainly an introduction to the background of the new era, some commonly used concepts, and the technologies that will be used. It will help students quickly master some of the knowledge needed to enter the virtual trading market.

Be the master of your tour: plan your own itinerary and set your own schedule!

Protectional Courses

We will provide the correct process and channels for entering this market, as well as some things that beginners need to pay attention to. This is to avoid entering the wrong path or falling victim to third-party fraud.

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 We provide experience-based advice and create the business flow for the panel to attach the potential customer.


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We provide the design base on the strong user experience research and creative idea.

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