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Appar Technology  - Taiwan


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Appar Technology  - Taiwan

Y Yang E-Teaching is a scram school in Taiwan. They are a tutoring college that has been keeping up with technology and they decided to digitize their education system so that their students can take exams and review lessons at home through an app. Such a digital model can greatly improve the efficiency of students’ learning after class and improve the speed of teachers’ correction of examination papers.

Project Challenges

UI/UX designers
Business Logic

How it Works

Yang E-Teaching is a teaching system that allows teachers to create an exam with upload the examination PDF and correct answers. The student started taking the test through the mobile app when the exam was assigned to the student.

Exam System

Able to create an exam by setting a specific time, uploading an examination PDF, and the correct answers. The result will automatically calculate when the exam time-up.

Explanation & After Class Video

Teachers are allows uploading after-class videos and explanation pdf or videos for every single question. Students can review the explanation and video through the mobile app.

Questioning System

Students and teachers are allowed to chat with each other through the app.

What value Atecl Provide



  • Feature Develop
  • Mobile App User Interface Develop 

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