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Camou Academy


Camou Academy  - Malaysia


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C Camou Academy is the largest multimedia institute in Johor Bahru with a faculty team with members possessing oversea working experience that have served many international brands including NVIDIA, Disney, Mediacorp etc. Camou Academy also owns an industrial-grade campus facilities and offer free usage of its quality facilities and equipment throughout student’s study period. They has been keeping up with technology and they decided to digitize their education system so that their students can track their learning journey throughout the semester, keep tracking missions and many more through an app.

Project Challenges

UI/UX designers
Business Logic

How it Works

Camou Academy is a mobile app offers students a comprehensive set of features, allowing them to register their attendance, track their learning journey throughout the semester, stay informed about the top three students in their class, receive push notifications regarding their mission progress, and earn rewarded coins that can be redeemed in the academy’s store. Additionally, the app enables students to conveniently book facilities and review their booking history, making it a one-stop solution for all their academic needs.

Attendance Registration

Allow the students of Camou Academy to register their attendence by scanning the QR code provided.

Mission Updates via Push Notifications with rewarded coins

Students will get push notifications for new missions, track their progress, and earn coins that can be redeem in the academy's store of this app such as renting the high quality camera for educational purposes.

Booking Facility

Booking facility can be done by the students in this app as well along with viewing their booking history.

What value Atecl Provide



  • Feature Develop
  • Mobile App User Interface Develop 

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