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W WaiHong Brothers specialist for comprehensive water proofing, roof leaking, gutter, waterproof injection and other related fields. They undertake projects from general and high-end residences, apartments, factories, shops, hotels, auditoriums etc. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, they ensures its projects are executed with expertise and efficiency, catering to the diverse needs of its clients.

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WaiHong Brothers delivered personalized attention and quality workmanship in every job. They back their promises by offering 10 years of warranty for roofing replacements. They strive for excellence in providing quality roofing and that’s one of the key reasons we are fully confident of offering a 10-year warranty. Wai Hong Brothers is in this business to provide long-term roof solutions. 

Service Provide

Wai Hong Brothers Sdn. Bhd. offers a comprehensive range of services to address various construction needs, including roof refurbishment and replacement, high-rise building roof repairs, and installation and repair of metal roofs. Additionally, the company provides solutions such as UV/heat insulation ceramic coating on roof tiles, application of APP torch-on waterproofing membrane, and heat and sound insulation systems for buildings. Other services include roof trusses replacement, strengthening, and repair, as well as roof shingle and tiles installation, repair, and replacement. They also specializes in wall cracks repairs using PU injection and polyurethane coating, flat roof/slab waterproofing systems, and polyurethane waterproofing membrane applications.


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