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L Well, Lohas is a team of food scientists from Singapore who is making plant-based seafood ingredients and products that are as good as their seafood counterparts.Lohas converge 3 in-house technology verticals, to enable seafood mimicking taste, texture, and nutrition. As you know, the human population will undoubtedly grow in the future. There may be a case where the supply of fish from the sea may not be enough for the demand from the population in the land. Lohas are preparing to be ready for that, focusing on alternative plant-based seafood that taste, feels and is as nutritious as it’s seafood counterpart.

Project Challenges

UI/UX designers
Business Logic

How it Works

Lohas believe…
in creating both delicious and nutritious alternative plant-based seafood.A seafood product that has all 3, good taste, texture and nutrition. I mean, that’s what you’re already getting from your everyday seafood, so you deserve the same for alternative plant-based seafood as well, right? But how!!!?? Through minimal and effective processing and thoughtful formulation. Seems simple, but it isn’t, and that’s where we come in. Lohas translate the technology from Eatobe and commercialize the solutions with our joint venture partner F.I.S.H.They got three different technologies in their product:


As one of our key ingredients in the making of plant based seafood, mushroom mycelium is generated through liquid state fermentation.Mycelium is simply the roots of the mushrooms. The 4 growth stages of our mycelium are as follows.

Novel Plant Fractions

We work with novel plant proteins that are non-soy and non-wheat.They are sustainable, climate tolerant and do not need much resources to grow. We adopt a chemical-free processing approach, ensuring maximum extraction of proteins with other fractions such as starch and fibre while delivering highest nutritional values.

Texturising Solutions

Texturising for us includes:

  • Mimicking the texture and sensorial properties of seafood and processed products
  • Taking into account visual texture and heterogeneity of seafood

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  • Corporate Website 


We provide the design base on the strong user experience research and creative idea.

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